Nestle SCREWING Michigan Residents By Doing THIS SICKENING THING

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Mere months after the government of Michigan poisoned the water of Flint so it could save a few bucks, the State water authority just signed a permit to Nestlé to double the amount of groundwater it sucks for $200 a year, just 120 miles away.
Residents are furious — as is anybody who values water as a shared resource. How can Michigan — which is still dealing with the fallout of its own mismanagement of its watershed — consider giving even more water to a foreign corporation with an annual profit in the billions?
The answer from Michigan’s government is 20 jobs. Yes, that’s right — 20 jobs in return for over 100 million gallons a year of nearly free groundwater. That math isn’t just bad business, it’s bananas.
Tell Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality to cancel this ridiculous plan.
Nestlé is the largest owner of private water sources in Michigan — and the water-guzzling corporation has deep ties to Governor Rick Snyder’s office. Deb Muchmore, the head spokesperson for Nestlé Michigan, is married to Governor Snyder’s former chief of staff. Perhaps we should stop wondering why Nestlé keeps getting so much from the state government for so little.
No one fights Nestlé’s greedy water grab like SumOfUs members. It was draining Canada’s western water table for pennies while wildfires threatened the entire coast. Hundreds of thousands of us stood up and said: “NO!” We made front page news in Canada and changed the law. We’ve done the same in California and in Oregon — where the tiny county of Hood River stopped one of the biggest corporations in the world.
This deal is bad for business, bad for our water and bad for Michigan. Stop Nestlé now.
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