Former NFL Player Causes Trump To Throw Another Temper Tantrum About Flag Burners

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Former NFL wide receiver and current feature film director Matthew A. Cherry just responded to President-elect Trump’s early morning tweet, in which Trump suggested that burning the United States flag should be punishable by jail time or loss of citizenship:

This sudden outrage on the part of Trump likely stems from an incident at Hampshire college, in which one unknown student burned the school’s American flag in protest of Trump’s election to the presidency nearly three weeks ago. There haven’t been any other flag burning on record in recent months.

Meanwhile, Trump has been uncharacteristically silent about the outrage that has been provoked over Trump’s decision to appoint officials with blatantly racist pasts to high ranking positions in his administration.

Cherry linked these issues with a tweet that has since started to go viral:

The Supreme Court has protected flag burning as a constitutional right twice– in 1989 and 1990. When asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo whether Trump was aware of these rulings, Trump transition spokesman Jason Miller refused to answer. Miller repeatedly diverted to simply saying “It should be illegal,” before attempting to change the subject. This exchange repeated seven times in less than three minutes.

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